Eiler Excavating & Construction has been providing quality Excavating services to the Pennsylvania area for over 15 years! We have many different talents and skills that set us apart from our competition.

We are your French Drain Excavation Experts

Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing residential French Drains in the Plum, PA and surrounding areas. The purpose of having french drains and why it is so important is because it prevents any damage to a building's foundation from any ground or surface water that may occur. This is help keep your home’s foundation safe, this will secure the structure of your property.


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For many years, Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC has been providing top-notch excavation contractor services in Gibsonia, PA, Fox Chapel, PA, & Lower Burrell, PA, with honesty and integrity. We’ve built a strong reputation in Pennsylvania for the finest in quality workmanship at a price that's always fair and affordable. That’s how we became the top-rated excavator in Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free and non-intrusive method of completing our work, this allows us to finish your excavating project quickly and efficiently without sacrificing excavating service quality. We are fully equipped with decades of excavation contractor experience, enabling us to handle a wide array of excavation services types, from trenching services in New Kensington, PA major grading in Lower Burrel, PA, erosion control in Gibsonia, PA, landslide repair near the Allegheny River, PA, french drains in Fox Chapel, PA, and surface drain installation in Murrysville, PA, and much more! We also install gravel driveways all over Armstrong County. As well as soil stabilization, erosion control, gravel roads, dirt road repair, site-preparation, road shoulder repair. We are the authority for all your excavation needs!

What Exactly Does Excavation Service Entail?

Excavation is the process of moving earth, rock or other materials with tools, heavy equipment or explosives. This could include earthwork, trenching, tunneling even underground work. Excavation applications can include exploration, environmental restoration, and mining, however, construction is the most commonly utilized. Construction excavation can be used to create building foundations, reservoirs and roads, using techniques like trenching, digging, dredging and site development. Each one of these processes requires a unique set of skills, tools and working knowledge to perform the job correctly and safely. That why at Eiler Excavation & Construction, we make safety our top priority. We carefully examine your site to ensure its safe to be worked on.

The Top-Rated Excavating Contractor in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re looking to have the land cleared on your residential or commercial property, back-filling and compacting, or a full-service construction site excavation project, the professionals at Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to tackle your excavation project from start to finish with dependability and class. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and see how and why Eiler Excavating & Construction is considered Pennsylvania’s top-rated excavation and demolition company. Servicing major cities east of Pittsburgh.


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Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC is committed to providing the best french drain installations in Gibsonia, PA french drain installation in Fox Chapel, PA, and french drain installation in Lower Burrel, PA. We also offer our french drain installations all over east Pittsburgh communities. Installing a french drain on your property will not only assist in redirecting away from your home or structure but will also help stop water from damaging your home or flooding your basement. Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC is the top-rated and most trusted french drain installation service in Pennsylvania and would love your business. Trust Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC by calling us now and scheduling your next french drain installation in Pennsylvania, today.

If you’re in Gibsonia, PA, or nearby, let our team of professionals at Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC handle your french drain installation or stormwater buildup removal requirements. Make an intelligent choice and safeguard yourself from potential flooding hazards. One of the most common issues a french drain is used for is water accumulation removal and relocation, meaning water that isn’t correctly drained can build up around the foundation of your home, causing an intense amount of pressure. This pressure can lead to costly basement seal failures such as cracks in your foundation and even basement flooding. Our service will prevent this from happening to your home and educate you on things you can do to avoid issues in the future. Installing french drains in Gibsonia, PA, installing french drains in Fox Chapel, PA, and installing french drains in Lower Burrel, PA and all surrounding areas east of Pittsburgh, PA. Call Eiler Excavation Today.

What is a French Drain? Why do I need a french drain installed?

A french drain is a trench covered with gravel or rock that redirects surface and groundwater away from a designated area. They are commonly used drainage systems mainly implemented to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging your property’s foundation.

French Drain Installation | French Drain Service in Pennsylvania

Installing a new french drain system on your residential or commercial property can be a complicated and dangerous task without the correct tools and calculations. Let our knowledgeable team of experts take care of your job from start to finish and prevent any water or mold from entering your home or business. Request a free consultation to see how Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC can keep your property’s water flow and drainage running smoothly and efficiently.


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Owning property next to a mountain, hill or slope, will often cause water buildup around your home, shed, garage, or even your pathways. Water buildup will especially happen if you have a broken drain, drain-basin, or no drain at all, and a storm comes through. Stormwater management is an essential service Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC offers. There are several services we provide in Gibsonia, PA, and surrounding areas like in Fox Chapel, PA, or also in Lower Burrel, PA, that are a sure-fire way to solve your stormwater drainage problems. Firstly, french drains have a long history of being the “go-to” installation for water relocation and stormwater control. A french drain can be tested through even some of the most serious storms, and still do a great job of relocating water away from your home or structure. So if you need french drain installation in Gibsonia, PA, call Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC.


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At Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC, we provide the best-in-state excavating contracting services when approaching your residential or commercial land clearing projects. There are a number of factors to consider when having your land cleared such as size, soil condition, trees and bushes, old buildings and structures that need to be demolished, and of course safety. We strive to be your number one choice for all your land clearing services in Gibsonia, PA, your land clearing services in Fox Chapel, PA, and your land clearing services in Lower Burrel, PA, that’s why we do a full site consultation free of charge to ensure your project is done correctly, safely and within budget. Whether you’re looking to clear out your backyard or have a construction site completely serviced, let our team of professionals guide you through your project to ensure you’re getting everything you need in an organized and timely fashion.

Land Clearing and Site Preparation

The process of land clearing involves removing trees, brush, stumps, stones, and other obstacles that may prevent you from using a land area for agricultural, construction, or environmental development. No matter what your project big or small, or where you’re located out of eastern Pittsburgh like, Fox Chapel, PA, Gibsonia, PA, and Lower Burrel, PA, we have the expertise to perform your land clearing correctly, and at a competitive price. We take the time to draw up a definitive plan for your specific project, this way you’re educated and informed throughout the entire process, giving you peace of mind in our service and your project. Our mission is to handle a wide range of land clearing services such as full-service land clearing, woodlot beautification, residential and commercial developments, pathways and road clearing and so much more! Give us a call today and see what we can for you!


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Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC has built a reputation for fast, efficient, and safe demolition services in Gibsonia, PA, demolition services in Fox Chapel, PA, and demolition services in Lower Burrel, PA, and surrounding cities and towns, all at an affordable price. We take pride in our high-grade machinery along with our modern tools and equipment, allow us to get the job done right, and have your property looking clean-and-clear for your next endeavor. Our approach to investing in the best is what makes us your number one choice for all your demolition needs. A demolition project can be very dangerous and present many opportunities for hazardous and potentially fatal issues to occur. This is why we administer a comprehensive and meticulous site inspection before we perform every job. This is to not only ensure your safety but the safety of our team of professionals as well.

Demolition Services in Pennsylvania

We promise to always offer a professional and high-quality demolition service to your home or property structures.

Demolition Services Include:

Garage Demolition, Shed Demolition, Pool Demolition, Debris Removal, & Site Clearing.


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Site Preparations is the process to prepare a job site for any renovation, new home building, or even a remodel. We will then level out the site if necessary and dig the foundation. All site preparations should be conducted by a company with a proven track record, and hundreds of sites under their belt. That’s why Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC is Pennsylvania’s top-rated and trusted site preparation company. So if you are looking for affordable excavation companies in Pennsylvania, look no further. Whether you need site preparation in Fox Chapel, PA, site preparation in Gibsonia, PA, or site preparation in Lower Burrel, PA, Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC is your company to call.

Popular Site Preparation Services

Site Preparation for Development
Site Preparation for Foundations
Site Preparation for Additions
Site Preparation for Garages
Site Preparation for Sheds
Site Preparation for Barns


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Need a professional excavation and demolition company to help with your landscape? Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC can assist with removing old and broken retaining walls, large misplaced boulders, land leveling, installing proper drainage and erosion control system around streams and rivers or structures with water buildup. We also can be hired for new lawn installation in Pennsylvania.

Landscaping Services in PA

Rock/Boulder Wall Installation
New Landscape Construction
Removal of Retaining Walls
New Lawn Installation
Removal of Boulders
Landscape Clearing


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For many years, we’ve provided the best in construction excavation services on residential and commercial properties in Pennsyviana. Our focus has always remained on giving you the best construction experience with minimal intrusion on your busy life. We offer a wide selection of construction services including excavation for foundation waterproofing and basement waterproofing. Excavation for utility lines, foundation work, downspouts, and general construction. With thousands of hours of fieldwork and hands-on experience, Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC is your clear choice to handle all of your construction needs residential and commercial. We guarantee all of our construction work and promise to exceed all of your expectations!

Your Construction Excavation Project

Whether you’re looking to get a full-scale construction project underway or a small excavation service to your backyard, the team at Eiler Excavating & Construction LLC keep you educated and informed every step of the way to ensure you know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it and what exactly will be done. This way, if any changes need to be made we can perform all of the necessary calculations and adjustments that are required to keep your job running safe and on-time. To have us perform a free consultation on your residential or commercial property, give us a call today!


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There are certainly a lot of services we offer here at Eiler Excavation & Construction LLC. In order to be found in Pennsylvania search engines so everyone has the same opportunity to purchase our top-rated services, below we have listed a few more of the services we offer for your convenience.

Reclamation and Cleanup
Shoulder and Road Work
Driveways and Pathways
Cache Basin Installation
Retaining Wall Removal
Gravel Road Installation
Down Spout Repair
Dirt Road Repair
Sink Hole Repair
Soil Stabilization
Landslide Repair